Food Processing

Shandong Xiantan Food Co., Ltd.and Shandong Xianyi Food Co., Ltd. integrate slaughtering, cutting, deep processing, cold storage and sales of broiler chicken, introduce internationally leading automatic pulling out and cutting equipment and are mainly engaged in cold-cut and frozen fresh chicken products. Shandong Xianhong Food Co., Ltd. has introduced internationally leading equipment, adopted domestically leading production process,  based on deep processing and diversified business, mainly producing products such as deep-fried, steamed, cooked, roasted and seasoned foods.

The company has a modern detection center, a laboratory and high-quality inspection personnel, is equipped with advanced detection facility equipment of newcastle disease and avian influenza, liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, microorganism testing equipment, etc. and has high capacity of detecting two diseases, detecting residual medicines and testing microorganisms, forming a set of quality monitoring and guarantee system with sound system and proper measures.
Over the years, the company always sticks to the quality policy of “Quality First, Safety First, Health First” and the quality goal of “100% commodity self-inspection pass yield, 100% pass yield, 100% commodity inspection Pass Yield” and the service philosophy of “Fair, Just, Honest, Credible”, strictly implements management standards of SSOP, GMP, ISO9001:2008, Green Food and HACCP, do not process unqualified raw materials and do not deliver unqualified products, winning favor of customers at home and abroad by right of its high product quality and good enterprise reputation.